Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My "Monica Closet"

 The other day I asked my sister if she had a "Monica Closet."  You know what that is right? It's a closet/drawer/room that is a disaster, meanwhile the rest of the house is spotless.  I asked my sister that because her house is always spotless.  I mean seriously, you could lick her kitchen floors. I don't know why you would want to lick the kitchen floors, but it would be safe to do so.

Anyway, I was a bit disappointed when she said no, she didn't.  The only thing is that she said her closet floors aren't super organized since it's just shoes.  Please, I wish the floor of my closet was my problem.

But no, my "Monica Closet" or should I say closets, since there's more than one, are my bedroom drawers.  They are a disaster! The rest of our bedroom is neat, sometimes there's a t-shirt on the floor that didn't make it in the hamper or a lost sock, but other than that, all clean!

We've lived in our town home for almost 3 years and I've seriously lost count as to how many times I've organized my drawers.  I think the problem is (and it pains me to admit this) I have too many clothes.  Although I'll never tell Mr. Pal that since I have him convinced I have nothing to wear ever, but I just can't cram any more clothes into my drawers.

I think the problem is that I'm going about my drawer organization all wrong.  My usual way is to fold a pile of shirts like this and stick them in the drawer.

Looks good, until I'm trying to find that perfect shirt on any given day and that perfect shirt doesn't fit right and I need to reconfigure my entire outfit and need to start with the shirt so I keep trying on shirts till I find the right one and then this happens:

Sorry the picture is sideways. For some reason I couldn't get it to flip around. ugh!


Time to get a new plan.  So, here's what I did.  I emptied each drawer at a time so I could sort my tops according to keep, donate, or toss.  Then it was time to fill up the drawers again.

Notice something different?  Yup, I changed how I organized and folded my tops.  I did the usual fold as before then folded that in half and stood my tops up.  This way I can see every single shirt I own and don't have to rummage through and make a mess!

In my drawer with my sweaters I had to keep my sweaters folded normally since they were too bulky, but hopefully I won't make that much of a mess.

I only organized three drawers, which are the ones that get the messiest. My t-shirts, long sleeves and tank tops.  After all that organizing, I had a pretty decent donate pile.  :)

I did have to toss a few tank tops, they were just too old and worn.  I know Goodwill won't accept anything that's not in great shape. I love that there's one near my house now in case I have a larger item to donate....or just want to shop!

After I was done with my drawers. I couldn't stop.  I turned around and attacked Mr. Pal's drawers.  Actually it was Mr. Pal that inspired me to organize his stuff.  The other morning I heard him mumbling to himself trying to figure out if he was grabbing brown socks or black socks.  After all everything looks the same color in a darkened room.

To fix that problem I dumped all the socks out and organized them by color.

No much guess if the socks match his suit!

I also organized his undershirt/sock drawer.  This drawer is fairly neat to begin with, but I just wanted it to be a calmer sight when the drawer opened.

So that was how I spent my morning!  Now, the test is really to see how long Mr. Pal & I can keep these drawers clean!

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