Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Quick bathroom change

A few months back...ok, honestly, it was like a year ago, not a few months.  So about a year ago Mr. Pal & I were shopping and came across this bathroom set.  

Nice, right?!

We toyed with the idea of revamping our full bathroom since we've had the same bath set since we got engaged (2007, yeah, that's not that long ago, but we get tired of decor stuff quickly!) Here's the set we used to have.
Echo Retro Re-mix Bath Ensemble
Via Bedbathandbeyond.com
So we checked the price of this Parisian themed set and decided it was worth it and so we bought it.  In the car on the way home we talked about possibly doing some kind of faux finish on the walls.  Maybe something to look like stone or maybe something more in the red family.  We were just so excited to paint and have a new look to the bathroom.

After dropping off our goodies at home we drove to Home Depot and started looking at paints.  Faux finishes, textures, deep colors. You name it, we grabbed it! We were so excited and couldn't wait to redo the bathroom.

When we got home with our paint chips I taped up a few of the paint chips with the solid colors and the faux finishes on the wall so we could live with them for a few days and pick which we liked best.
Well, days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months....you get the picture right?  So those paint chips started to just blend in with what we had on the wall.  I forgot they were there until someone would come over and ask if we picked out a color.  Yeah, it got embarrassing when the same people started to ask when we were going to paint.

As for all the bathroom supplies they sat in a box on the floor.....in the dining room. Great spot, right? I forgot we had them actually.  My nephew would repeatedly ask me when I was going to do something with the box in the dining room, but I was too lazy/disinterested/busy/enter any excuse here/etc.

Then, I lost my job.  Now, there was no excuse for why we weren't painting the bathroom.  I decided I was over the faux finish idea. It was too time consuming (yes, I know, I'm not working, what else do I have to do, but I tend to lose interest in things quickly, so it needed to be a quick revamp.)

In November, we were going to be hosting Thanksgiving so I needed to get the dining room in tip top shape.  I moved that box of stuff and saw that we had a whole new bathroom set.  Yay us! And, as luck would have it, I was standing in our dining room while holding up the shower curtain package.  Here's a picture of the dining room.  Maybe you can see where I'm going with this?

Yup, I loved the colors in the dining room and they looked like they'd be great as the backdrop for our bathroom stuff.

So, I picked on day to bang out this little project.  First, I wiped all the walls down with a mixture of vinegar & water since there were light stains on the walls from the steam.  Then I spruced up the ceiling with a fresh coat of white paint.  No picture since really, it went from white to cleaner white.  Speaking of which I totally love fresh painted white trim and doors.  Always makes everything look so brand new and fresh!
Then I just painted my little heart out! I did three walls with the tan color and one wall with the red/maroon color.

I love it!!!

I even have a spot to display my perfume bottles.  I love perfume bottles. I think they're so beautiful.  I'd love to add to this collection, but they can get pricey since I like the antique ones, so the addition of perfume bottles will be a slow process.

Speaking of antiques, we picked up these fleur de lis pulls at an antique dealer and added them to the doors of our cabinet.  We just had plain gold ones that were gross.  

Here's a close-up of one. I'm not sure that they are antique, but I love how they look!

Oh and here's my pride and joy of the bathroom! Is it weird to have a pride and joy of a bathroom?  Well, it doesn't matter, here is The Mat!

Yup those are wine corks and no I didn't drink that many bottles on my own...maybe half? I'm kidding!  My family & my in-laws helped out with donating their corks to me about  two years ago.  I had more than enough to make the mat. Oh, and please excuse the pieces of my hair on the floor. No matter how many times I vacuum the bathrooms my hair is still all over the place!

The mat was really easy to make.  Just slice the cork in half with a knife (be careful of your fingers! I spliced mine a few times doing this). Then lay them out in your desired design on a shelf liner. Then hot glue those suckers down!

I have to be honest though, some of them are getting a little wiggly and one did fall off. I have to re-glue, but I ran out of hot glue sticks.  But for just Mr. Pal & I it works! And we love it!
So any quick changes to any of your rooms that became a year long project in the making?

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