Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Just a little bathroom addition

When I finished painting the full bathroom, it was pretty much done.  I even had a spot for my perfume bottles. The only thing that was missing was a picture above the perfume bottles.

We had a picture there, but it no longer matched the new bathroom decor.  That meant it was time for me to make a picture! Yay time to be creative!

I knew I wanted a fleur de lis in the picture since the bathroom has a French theme, I wanted to stay with that theme. Plus it would match the great knobs we bought for the cabinet.

I sat and thought about what I wanted and finally was struck with inspiration!  I'll have the fleur de lis in a frame with a French poem.

Lucky for me (and Mr. Pal) this didn't require any drawing on my behalf.  An artist I am not, as you can see from this lovely picture I drew a while back.

Now I need to admit that in high school I took French.  I took it for three years actually.  And, I was fluent in it.  Then I stopped taking the class since I had passed the required three years by the State and took an extra study hall or something.  Anyway, long story short, I'm no longer fluent in French.  I do remember how to say, "hello", "how are you", "good bye" and "thank you."  I am ashamed that I forgot so much of a langue that I find so beautiful.  A few years ago I even rented some learn to speak french CD's from the library hoping to be fluent again.  It didn't work out too well.  The people on the CD spoke too fast for me! 
So, since I no longer spoke French, I needed to turn to the internet for a poem in French. I found one.  I wish I knew what it says.  

I typed up the poem on pretty scrapbooking paper, cut out a fleur de lis out of brown paper and glued it down onto maroon paper, which I then glued on top of my French poem.  I popped it in a frame, and here it is!

I think it looks really nice above my perfume bottles. Yes, I'm a little obsessed with my perfume bottles. I've always wanted them and now I own a few. I'm so happy!

I think the picture fits in nicely with the French themed bathroom. :)

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