Friday, October 12, 2012

Who wants more space?!

Who doesn't want more space, right? Whether it's in a garage, a closet or just in the house in general, more space is always welcome.

Space is definitely what we had in our full bathroom cabinet.  But it was empty space. As you can see from this post, I tried to keep it orderly, but to be honest it was an uphill battle. It was just too much stuff crammed into one shelf with a bunch of air about the mess.

Don't get me wrong, I tried to keep it clean, but when you toss extra toilet paper under there, or when we were in a rush, putting things back neatly in it's place wasn't happening.

I didn't really give it much thought and figured I could deal with the disaster until we had the money to gut that full bathroom. But that reno is very, very far off in the future.  So, one night I was scrolling through Pintrest and discovered some cool ideas.

Via here
Implement Every Inch
Via here
I love the shelves in the cabinet!!! I figured I could give this a try.  We have a bunch of spare wood in our garage from the previous owners, so I dragged a piece out, cut it down and added brackets.  And here we have a shelf in our cabinet!

I even added moulding to the back of the shelf to act as a lip so that nothing would fall off behind it.  You can kind of see here here if you look closely.

Now I have room to see all of my girly stuff instead of digging around knocking stuff over.  It's nice to just grab what I need instead of taking stuff out and searching for my nail file. And I am totally putting everything back in it's rightful spot now.  We don't have an excuse to get messy now that the shelf adds space to organize.

And now Mr. Pal can see all of his....ummm brush and hairspray.  I guess he doesn't need two shelves of crap like I do to get ready in the morning. Lucky him! haha 

Now we've done a renovation and I've done an instillation! It was such a great feeling to show off the new shelf to Mr. Pal when he got home.  I do have a funny story to share about this shelf.  The photo below is the cell phone pic that I sent to Mr. Pal with the caption, "Notice anything new?"

His first response was that I removed the doors.  Ummm, why would I remove doors from the bathroom cabinet? Even though it's organized, I don't want everyone seeing my stuff all the time.

His second guess was that I had organized it. I'm afraid he may need glasses soon.  I had to tell him that I added a shelf. That I went and used a saw and measured and cut the wood down and drilled it into the shelf. I then felt like I was fishing for a compliment. (which maybe I was?)  After he took a second look and noticed the shelf he liked it. He said I did a nice job.  :)

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